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I'm honored to have a photography career that has allowed me to travel the world taking photographs. My photographs have been captured in Iraq & Afghanistan for the past ten years, documenting our troops.
As graduate from the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology, I have worked as a photojournalist in the newspaper industry for 10 years. The past 15 years, Ihave focused his career on photographing people around the world. It's more than passion but a dedication, creating unique storytelling images. From editorial to advertising, celebrities to models, I truly enjoy the artistic passion to help capture stunning images for my clients.

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The faces of a refugee camp in Rwanda, Africa

I'm blessed to have experienced a life changing trip that has giving me the utmost respect for refugees in Rwanda. Working with the United Nations Foundation and the WWE, we traveled to the Gihembe Camp and Kiziba camp, located in remote mountain areas outside of Kigali. These two refugee camps house about 30,000 people, mostly woman and children. There is no running water, no electricity, rationed food and water. The simple things such as a bathroom is non existent and refugees must dig a hole in the ground as a restroom which is shared by an average of 91 people. Let's not forget the many health issues, such as malaria and HIV. Even with all these factors against the refugees, they never give up hope. The smiles, the hope and the joy is what this photo essay is about.

My trip to USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf

It was a dream experience to be on the USS Stennis this past week in the Persian Gulf. I was granted full access to photograph only a few feet away when F18 jets landed and took off the carrier. Experiencing a catapult launch from the aircraft carrier doing 100mph in 2.5 seconds was amazing and breathtaking as well. Please remember to thank our soldiers for there proud work and dedication to this great country. — in the

Persian Gulf