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I'm honored to have a photography career that has allowed me to travel the world, telling a story with my photographs. Specializing in photographing real people, athletes and models for editorial, advertising and commerical clients around the world.
My career began as a graduate from the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology, then as a photojournalist with two newspaper in New England for 8 years. The past 18 years, I’m proud to be based in beautiful Miami, Florida with my son Cooper and my wife Elena.

Photography is more than passion but a dedication to create unique storytelling images. From editorial to advertising, celebrities to models, I truly enjoy the artistic passion to help develop a brand with my stunning images for my clients.

For more of my work, please visit: or call me at 305-321-0808 or email at - Thank you for visiting!

Dr. Howard Schilit is know as the the Sherlock Holmes of accountants.

Dr. Howard Schilit

Dr. Howard Schilit is an expert forensic accounting consultancy who resides in Key Biscayne, Florida. He is the author of the best-selling Financial Shenanigans: How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks & Fraud in Financial Reports. It was a pleasure to meet and photograph Dr. Schilit's at his home for a magazine shoot this past week. This portrait was created with the use of a mini-projector hooked up through my i-phone.